​​Marine Construction

8-Post Yacht 

Is an option available on standard 4-Post Cradle lifts Up to 30,000 lbs

Is a low profile lift chosen by customers who dont want to see the Steel Beam that normally is across both sides of your vessel.

Cradle Lifts

Most commonly used on Vessels Weighing 24,000 lbs - 300,000 lbs

Is installed on 8 Piles generally placed as "doubles" to evenly distribute the weight of your vessel

Most commonly used for 4,500 lb - 30,000 lb Vessels

Is installed on 4 precisely driven pilings for optimum performance and even weight distribution

​​​​​​​​​​​YACHT LIFTERS

Available From 4,500 Lb -  300,000 LB

Standard 4-Post